90min's Refresh: New Look & New Tech

In 2011, our founders set out to build a global football brand, rooted in technology and dedicated to amplifying the voice of the fan - 90min.

Since this inception nine years ago, 90min has become one of the largest global football brands, with an audience expanding past 50M unique users with continuous YOY growth, while also being at the forefront of industry leading campaigns such as Right Guard’s award winning ‘You Can’t Handle the Truth’ video series and a first-of-its-kind interactive tour of Chelsea FC, in partnership with Yokohama.

Most importantly, however, 90min has remained steadfast in its commitment to amplifying the voice of the football fan, through innovative content creation aimed at elevating fan experiences both online and off. It is this dedication to their mission, that led the 90min team to revamp their brand, from both a visual and technical standpoint.

The Refresh

Over the past year, the 90min team, spanning across content, commercial, and design, worked together to bring a new brand look to life, inclusive of new color schemes, fonts, logo and brand guidelines. This refresh aimed to deepen the connection between 90min’s look and it’s mission of amplifying the voice of the football fan.

The refresh process included competitive analysis, fast-paced design sprints, and team-wide collaboration and feedback. Diving into what makes 90min unique and experimenting with visual representations of its mission, the design team conceptualized multiple logo options, which were then voted on by all 90min team members through anonymous employee surveys. This feedback was then used to create and finalize 90min’s new official logo:

90min's new logo

Reminiscent of a megaphone (a popular instrument used by fans at live football matches) and sound waves, this logo represents 90min’s role in amplifying the voice of football fans, effectively tying in its mission statement with its visual branding. The bold new colors and fonts represent the passion football fans have for the game, as well as the bold approaches 90min takes to football coverage and content.

The Tech

In addition to a new look, 90min has also relaunched their site fully on Minute Media’s proprietary publishing platform, which will be made available to outside partners in the later half of 2020.

With this new technology, the 90min team will experience easier workflows with streamlined operations and an easy-to-use editor, while their global audience will benefit from a cleaner user experience, faster load times, and optimized video content.